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TV still on Top

September 26th, 2009 No comments

This year at the 61st Primetime Emmy Awards, before there were any unfortunate outbursts, the actors were joking about the decline of television.  One sitcom star Julia Louis-Dreyfus said “Amy and I are honored to be presenting on the last official year of network broadcast television.”  Obviously, things are not that bad for broadcast and cable networks but online video is a growing medium and it will most likely continue attracting viewers and investment dollars.  Currently online video has only earned a small piece of the $65 – $70 billion advertisers spend annually on television spots.  With television consumption at an all time high this makes sense.  However advertisers and agencies have been conducting research initiatives to gain a better idea of the possibilities for online video.  One Video Consumer Mapping Study that was conducted by Ball State University and Sequent Partners for the Nielsen-funded Council for Research Excellence said that, “Despite the proliferation of computers, video-capable mobile phones and similar devices, TV in the home still commands the greatest amount of viewing, even among those ages 18-24. Thus, in the eyes of the researchers, this appears to dispute a common belief that Internet video and mobile phone video exposure among that group (and the next one up, age 25-34) were significant in 2008.” The study also found that on average Americans are exposed to a screen for about 8 ½ hours each day.  They categorized “screen” as traditional television (including live TV as well as DVD/VCR and DVR playback); computer (including Web use, e-mail, instant messaging and stored or streaming video); mobile devices such as a Blackberry or iPhone (including Web use, text messaging and mobile video); and “all other screens” (including display screens in out-of-home environments, in-cinema movies and other messaging and even GPS navigation units). The highest age group interestingly enough was 45-54 year olds at just over 9 ½ hours.  Mike Bloxham, Director of Insight and Research at the Center for Media Design at Ball State University said in reference to the before mentioned study, “we now have data that shows people are consuming one hour of TV advertising per day… Digital is not eating traditional media’s lunch but rather offering another course to marketers that is ripe with opportunity.” Still it will be interesting for us all to see the continued growth of digital media and where it takes us as consumers as well as producers of meaningful content.