What is Godzilla?

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Godzilla: Is New Media Consuming the Old? is a blog created by students in the class Writing for Electronic Communities at Rowan University. The blog seeks to examine how new media is changing our understanding of literacy. By investigating this, the blog also reveals our understanding of how these technologies are changing communication itself and how this is realized in today’s world.

About the contributors:

Aileen Bachant is a graduate student at Rowan University. Her areas of interest include feature writing, copy editing, and publishing. Aileen currently works as a graduate assistant for Rowan University’s Office of Publications.

Jessica Collins is a graduate student at Rowan University.  Her areas of interest include fiction, creative nonfiction, and memoir.  Jessica currently works for Independent Investors, a real estate and tax lien investment company.

Mary Chrapliwy is an accelerated BA to MA student in the recently approved WA 4+1 program. Primary interests are in creative writing, creative nonfiction, and nonfiction. Mary works full time as a Registered Nurse while attending school at night. She looks forward to completing the MA and moving on to teaching on the county college level while working on a PhD.

Alex Hrebin is an undergraduate student at Rowan University.  He will soon be completing his Writing Arts BA.  His writing is primarily fiction and creative nonfiction.  Alex has been contributor and staff member of Rowan’s literary magazine, The Avant, and is currently the Features Editor the campus’ satirical magazine, Venue.

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