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Basic organization for essay

Having re-read, again, the collaborative essay I noted that there are portions that appear to be more book review, but by and large most of the text is not (in a good way). The problem that the essay suffers from most is organization – the problem was a result of us each writing about one book.

In the following basic outline, all relevant ideas from all the texts utilized, should be intertwined. For example, in discussion history, all relevant historical discussion should occur in the same section with representational portions from each text.

Here is the way I think this should be organized:

  1. Utilize Anthony’s intro – it was well organized and represented a broad spectrum of what was to come
  2. History of Rhetoric and technology/media literacy – it is essential to know where we came from so that we can understand where we are headed
  3. How media literacy has grown and changed with technology – we need to know where we are going
  4. End with social networking and beyond
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