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A Short Twitter Exploration

One of the requirements for the class was to join and post messages on Twitter. This is not something I would normally consider – sometimes new challenges help to stretch your mind. Although, it isn’t really so much of a stretch since it seems to just be a more sophisticated version of text messaging. It is the more sophisticated aspect that makes it special, however. Though it is a platform similar to regular text messaging, you can connect and communicate with a much larger audience than you could with simple singular text messaging in the cell phone world.

While utilizing twitter, it’s easy to forget that you are using a fairly sophisticated networking tool. The twitter site says that twitter is privately funded. The idea grew out of a desire for Jack Dorsey to be able to keep track of what his friends were up to.

When you go to the about page for twitter, you learn a lot more of the specifics about the company and where it is headed.

twitter about us

There were a lot of results when I did a Google search. One of particular interest was a page full of free twitter backgrounds. Though I managed to put up a picture of one of dogs on my twitter page, I found the image is unstable (probably due to size) and it periodically disappears leaving just a brown screen. Though twitter does provide a few backgrounds, I didn’t want to use any of them. This twitter backgrounds page may provide a solution. Additionally, I have seen interesting backgrounds employed by some posters and wondered where they came from. One of the free backgrounds sites is called twitterbackgrounds.com. Of course, if you would like to you can also have a custom designed background for $99 – probably most useful in situations where twitter is used in a business environment.

twitter backgrounds

There are endless options for free twitter backgrounds there – 77 pages of them to be exact.

I only covered a small portion of the twitter information I found. The twitter world is a much larger one to explore than one might initially think.

Now I’m off to explore some backgrounds. Go see the results on my twitter home page.

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